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What motivated you to seek mentoring from me?


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In what areas would you like mentorship in?

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What is your current annual income from all sources after taxes in usd?



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How do you currently make a living and generate income?

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What are your main frustrations and issues?

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What is your income goal for the next 6-12 months?



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What does your current income level, prevent you from getting in your life, that an upgraded level of income would help you achieve?


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If qualified for personal mentoring, how soon (What date) would you want to get started in solving your situation/issues?


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Right now I





have financial resources available to invest in my future/business.


don’t have any financial resources available, and will keep my life/business exactly where it’s at.

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Do you believe that you would become successful if you had the right mentor?


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What experience do you have in sales and business?

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What is your vision for your life/business?

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In all honesty, how awesome on a scale from 1 to 10, do you consider yourself?

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Why should I choose to mentor you?

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What are your expectations from being mentored by me?

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