The Story Closers Mentorship Program is a full stack sales training program, converting average people into self-confident six-figure closing machines. This intense one-on-one mentorship will set you head and shoulders above your competition, and make sure you always have a competitive edge in the marketplace. What you can expect are practical tips, battle tested techniques and methods, that you can apply instantly in your life and business, to up your game and yield outstanding results.


The mentorship takes place online, via video call on Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp or Signal, so you can learn and study from the comfort of your own home. During the initial introduction call you will be consulted, and you will be able to explain your personal needs and wishes. A personal plan will be recommended for you, suited to your unique life situation.

A weekly 1 hour video call, will make sure you get new challenging lessons and assignments, that will be followed up during the coming weeks call. The main goal and focus for this program, is to get you from where you are, to take concrete action towards your dreams and wishes in life and business.

(Because my time is limited, only a select few will be chosen for my exclusive personal mentorship program)

Underneath you will find the list of subjects covered.


You will learn how to program your mind for success and maximum efficiency, by using proven methods and battle tested techniques, used by all professionals and multi millionaires. This will determine your ability to take your game to the next level, and truly soar to personal success.


Without self-confidence it's impossible to perform at high levels. In this segment you will learn all the battle tested methods on how to develop increased confidence and self-esteem. When practiced and rehearsed to the point where you master them, you will enjoy the magic powers of an unbreakable self-confidence.


Everything in life is habits, and if you can form bad habits, you can replace them with good ones. In this chapter, we will deep dive into the most successful habits used by all the high income earners and professionals. You will learn how to form these habits into your daily routine, so you can be on your way towards personal success on autopilot. 


Time is the one resource we all need more of, and if used right you can as much as quadruple your accomplishments. With quick and structured routines, your day will get easier to manage, and in addition to ramping up your results, you will also have more time for leisure time activities, friends and family.


If you can't establish a vision and create goals for your future in a structured and professional way, you will never be able to achieve anything worthwhile. Your ability to put together a blueprint for projects or your future, is crucial to accomplish massive success. This skill is the deciding factor when it comes to personal and business result production.


The art of lead generation and prospecting is a rare talent that most business people lack. When you are in full control of this skill, and have a structured system that generates fresh daily prospects, you will never have to worry about where new business will come from.


One of the crucial factors for generating any kind of business, is the ability to establish rapport between you and the prospect. Many sales people lack this skill, and lose a lot of sales as a result. You will learn how to master the same techniques that all sales professionals use to win the prospect over, and close the deal without breaking a sweat.


The ability to conduct a proper need analysis and truly understand the prospects needs, issues and requirements, is paramount to your sales success. You will learn how to ask the right questions, and become an expert at listening, so you can read the prospects mind.


The quality of your presentation represents more than 80% of how the prospect will perceive your offering. This skill is absolutely necessary to master if you wanna be able to close a large percentage of your prospects. Story Closers system teaches you how to present your offering like a pro and engage the prospect to the point where she asks for the order.


The vast majority of sales conversations contain objections, and as a sales professional it's absolutely crucial to understand how to deal with them. Your ability to answer an objection will in many cases be the deciding factor if the prospect will turn down your offer, or if you will be able to close the deal.


The #1 high income skill you can master, is how to close deals. There is no more sought after skill that you can posses in today's marketplace, and mastering this skill will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. And being fluent in closing deals will enable you to go anywhere in the world and write your own ticket, because you know how to generate income for any business in any industry.

What People Are Saying

Robert Jonas Jonsson

“I've been in sales for many years, but have never taken a sales course that is so packed with invaluable information. And the fast pace enables you to take the course during your lunch breaks. My sales are already up around 30%, but I will watch the masterclass 3-4 times more at least, so it gets tattooed into my brain, as Kim says!! ”

Paul Mortensen

“I was a bit skeptic at first, but has followed Kim Park for several years, so decided to join Story Closers Masterclass. And only a few weeks after implementing his methods and techniques, I have doubled my closing ratio and have now a solid 6-figure a year income! If you are on the fence, just do it! Thank you so much Kim Park. ”

Lova Kreutzer

“Great Experience! I've struggled with low self-confidence for years and have had problems closing my leads, but after implementing Kim's methods, my closing ratio has at least doubled. I like the fact that every lesson is short and right to the point, so it's easy to memorize and put into action. I highly recommend anyone whose dependent on getting people to say yes, to take this masterclass!”

Magnus Dufwa

“Kim makes it simple to learn the methods that works well, and then it's just a matter of doing the same thing with every potential client. Before I was procrastinating talking to potential clients, and had very low sales results, but now I close around half of all the people I speak to, and around the office they call me "THE CLOSING MACHINE".”

Jennifer Smith

“I used to be stuck in a boring office job, and never had money left for fun, and it frustrated me for many years, and when I came across Kim Park and Story Closers, my first reaction was that it was too good to be true. But a friend of mine had already attended the masterclass and was very happy with the results, so I gave it a shot. And here I am with a 6-figure income and working from Thailand over the phone, closing prospects for 2 different companies. Thank you so much Kim Park for giving me the tools to be more free and earn more. Story Closers Masterclass works!”