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Story Closers Masterclass


Yes Kim! I Am Ready To Invest In Myself.

By Enrolling In Story Closers Masterclass Today, I Accept This Life Changing 1 Month Mentorship Program With You, To Become A Professional Certified Story Closer!

Here’s What You Will Get:

  • 6 Classes Divided Over 1 Month ($1,497 Value) - You’ll get 6 classes with me Kim Park, walking you through the complete SCMC System, step by step. Every 4 days you will receive an email with a link that unlocks the next level, which gives you 4 full days in between each class, to practice and rehearse each part.

  • Lifetime Private Access To Story Closers Community, A Global Platform 24/7/365 ($497 Value) – To reach your full potential, you need to surround yourself with like minded people, that speaks the same language as you, people who are on the same life mission as you. That’s what the SCBC Community is all about. Here Story Closers share their achievements and get recognition. You’ll be able to connect with, and learn from fellow Story Closers, and share your victories.
  • Free PDF workbooks for each class - For every class, you’ll be able to download PDF workbooks, that will help you create your own success manual, so you can take concrete actions and implement.
  • Unlimited Access To All Lessons - In case you have an emergency and you must skip a class, you can watch the lessons over and over again on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • An Official Story Closers Certificate Will Be Mailed To You With Your Name On It - At the end of the month you will be certified as a “Story Closer” by Kim Park. Once you receive your certificate in the mail, you will have this high income skill as a Story Closer, for the rest of your life.


Here's What You'll Learn...

  • You will be able to soak up 30+ years of experience from Kim Park in just 1 month – I’ve spent my whole life studying and practicing the art of selling, and have spent countless hours of trials and errors, so you don’t have to. You will learn all the proven methods and techniques that I have used for years, to close thousands upon thousands of deals, so you don’t have to go through years of struggling and trial and error.
  • You will learn all the battle tested ways to firmly establish personal success – The same proven methods that all great achievers use to attracting real freedom, prosperity and abundance, will be handed over to you on a silver plate, so you can duplicate and start achieving the same levels of success in your life.
  • You will get all lessons fed in an easy to follow step-by-step format – All lessons are broken down into small easy to follow parts, so you can easily learn and implement, even if you have no prior experience or skills.
  • You will learn the very best ways to start growing your self-confidence – In order to perform at your highest levels, you need an unbreakable self-confidence, and that’s why you will discover the top techniques to boost your self-belief so you can skyrocket your self-confidence, and reach your personal and financial goals in no time.
  • You will learn to master sales conversations both over the phone and in person – As a professional Story Closer, it’s absolutely paramount to understand how to handle customers in all types of situations, both over the phone and in person. Here you will learn how to become fluent at both.
  • You will learn to master the art of Prospecting – You will learn to perfect the exact methods used by all top closers. To find, attract, and successfully establish connection with any potential customer. This is one of the areas where most closers struggle, and a major reason why most fail.
  • You will learn to master the art of Rapport building – A major reason why people buy anything, is because of rapport with the sales person. Here you will learn how to become an expert in rapport building, and sync yourself with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This will dramatically increase your closing ratio, and explode the amount of customers who wish to do business with you.
  • You will learn to master the art of Need Analysis – You will learn the very best ways of getting to the bottom of what the customer really consider important. A major reason why customers turn down offers, is because the sales person never did a proper need analysis, and found out exactly what the customer wanted to go ahead with the deal.
  • You will learn to master the art of Presenting – It’s crucial to be able to present your offer in such a way, that it fits the customer’s needs like a hand in a glove. Here you will learn the top presentation methods used by all professional closers.
  • You will learn to master the art of Objection handling – This is where most sales people run into problems, because without being able to handle objections, you most definitely will lose the sale. And these proven objection handling techniques that you are about to learn, doesn’t only handle the objection, but turns it into a reason for buying.
  • You will learn to master the art of Closing – You will discover the most effective ways to close any deal, and discover exactly how to ask for the order with confidence and conviction.
  • And much much more


Action Takers Who Sign Up Right Now, Will Get (Quick Action Bonus 1) Full Access To “Story Closers Affiliate Program” ($497 Value) COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! This bonus will not only make back the entire price of this masterclass, but will also earn you handsome commissions 24/7/365, and provide you with an alternative income stream that will grow forever.

Story Closers Affiliate program is your own private license to market, sell and earn commissions from Story Closers Masterclass.

You will have direct access through an affiliate sign up link, and another link where you log into your dashboard where you have full oversight of your sales and commissions earned.

This simple platform will provide you with your own personal link that you can post and share on your own website, social media or anywhere online.

When someone clicks your personal link, a tracking cookie will be planted in their browser, and after they have signed up for Story Closers Masterclass, the system will know that you've sent them.

Then you will be paid handsome enough commissions to earn back the entire prize of the masterclass within your first 3 sales, and with 35% commissions straight into your pockets for every sale that you are making, the sky's the limit.

Action Takers Who Sign Up Right Now, Will ALSO Get (Quick Action Bonus 2) “The Winner Mindset Program” ($499 Value) COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! This bonus alone will change your potential forever, and dramatically ramp up your ability to attract wealth and success into your life.

  • The Winner Mindset - Here you will deep dive into the Winner Mindset, and learn how to think like a winner, and avoid selling yourself short like the vast majority of people in our societies.
  • Your Standards - You will learn how to raise your standards, so you can avoid falling prey to averageness and mediocrity.
  • Execution - You will also learn how to become an effective individual, who executes and get things done without excuses, so you can avoid becoming a procrastinator who’s constantly wasting his or her time.
  • The Power Of Visualization - You will discover how you can program yourself to attract the exact circumstances and opportunities you need to make more money and reach your goals faster.
  • Successful Thinking - You will learn the top methods used by all top closers in any industry, and discover how to attract true success into your life.
  • Long-Term Perspective - You will learn one of the most accurate predictors of success, and how to use this powerful factor to explode your gains.
  • The Power Of Consistency - You will learn the power behind repetition and consistency, so you can get a massive advantage over most people who constantly procrastinate and postpone their responsibilities.
  • Goal Setting - Here you will learn exactly how to master one of the most important success skills in existence, and create a road map to your goals and dreams, and exactly how to get there.
  • Confront Your Fears - You will learn how to take charge and crush your fears, so you can concentrate your energy on your full potential.
  • Fabulous Success Habits – Everything in life is habits, and if we can form bad habits, we can obviously replace them with good habits.
  • Knowing Vs. Doing – Here you will learn the mindset of an effective individual who get things done.
  • Self-belief – You will learn how to raise your self-belief and skyrocket your self-confidence.
  • How To Stay Motivated -You will learn how to stay motivated forever, and never lose your inner drive.


What happens after I complete my purchase?

After your payment has been processed, you will be sent to a page where you enter your name and choose your password for Story Closers online platform.

Next you will automatically be logged in, and have full access to Story Closers Masterclass and all training essentials.

The masterclass will be dripped every 4 days, where you will receive a new email with a link that unlocks the next level).

You will also receive an email (May take 10 minutes) with a link, that you can use to log in later on.

The whole mentorship program comes with instructions and guidance all the way, so you can easily follow each step, and soak up all the skills and knowledge.


SCMC Single Payment $697 usd.

SCMC 3 Part Payment Option $349 usd. monthly.


What People Are Saying:

I used to be stuck in a boring office job, and never had money left for fun, and it frustrated me for many years, and when I came across Kim Park and Story Closers, my first reaction was that it was too good to be true. But a friend of mine had already attended the masterclass and was very happy with the results, so I gave it a shot. And here I am with a 6-figure income and working from Thailand over the phone, closing prospects for 2 different companies. Thank you so much Kim Park for giving me the tools to be more free and earn more. Story Closers Masterclass works!

Jennifer Smith

Kim makes it simple to learn the methods that works well, and then it's just a matter of doing the same thing with every potential client. Before I was procrastinating talking to potential clients, and had very low sales results, but now I close around half of all the people I speak to, and around the office they call me "THE CLOSING MACHINE".

Magnus Dufwa

Great Experience! I've struggled with low self-confidence for years and have had problems closing my leads, but after implementing Kim's methods, my closing ratio has at least doubled. I like the fact that every lesson is short and right to the point, so it's easy to memorize and put into action. I highly recommend anyone whose dependent on getting people to say yes, to take this masterclass!

Lova Kreutzer

I was a bit skeptic at first, but has followed Kim Park for several years, so decided to join Story Closers Masterclass. And only a few weeks after implementing his methods and techniques, I have doubled my closing ratio and have now a solid 6-figure a year income! If you are on the fence, just do it! Thank you so much Kim Park.

Paul Mortensen

I've been in sales for many years, but have never taken a sales course that is so packed with invaluable information. And the fast pace enables you to take the course during your lunch breaks. My sales are already up around 30%, but I will watch the masterclass 3-4 times more at least, so it gets tattooed into my brain, as Kim says!!

Robert Jonas Jonsson